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Minggu, 06 Juli 2008

How to beat cancer ! (Example Posting)

Fruit and salad

For salads, turn to cherry tomatoes, red onions and red-coloured Lollo Rosso lettuce because they are rich in particles known as flavanols.

Some red wines are set to protect against cancer
Citrus fruit skins can help - they contain a cancer-beating substance known as citrus limonoids.

For those on hormone replacement therapy, soya products can fend off the disease.

Most cancer specialists recommend fibre, as does the government, although a 16-year study involving nearly 90,000 people recently found no evidence that natural fibre had an impact on cancer.

Certain red wines - such as Cabernet and Merlot - are also high in flavanols and another substance called resveratrol, although if bladder cancer is a fear, constant drinking - water is best - is recommended by one study.

An after dinner cup of green tea could also be helpful.

Off the menu are red meat, processed meat, excessive alcohol and, according to one study, sweeteners.

But while studies indicating that eating more of one type of food can beat cancer is guaranteed to catch the headlines, there is often very little to back them up.